Toronto Police officer charged for G20 assault

A Toronto police officer is now charged with assaulting G20 protester Adam Nobody.

The provincial police watchdog Special Investigations Unit said Tuesday that Const. Babak Andalib-Goortani was charged with assault with a weapon.

The charge follows the SIU saying Nov. 25 that excessive force was used on Nobody on June 26 at Queen's Park but were unable to identify anyone in the video evidence, which was shown on YouTube.

The case regained momentum after Chief Bill Blair said on CBC Radio One on Nov. 29 that the video had been tampered with, and suggested Nobody was violent.


This story does bring some good news. A police officer who did wrong, is going to have to face that now. But just like every other main stream news story about the Toronto G20, It fails to show the complete lawlessness from our government and those in charge.

Chief Bill Blair openly had the Toronto police, enforce a non existent law. The infamous 5 meter rule, was conducted all across the GTA, not only within 5 meters of the security fence. And did not stop even weeks after the G20 summit had ended. I personally witnessed this and many caught it on camera. So many laws and rights were broken that weekend that charging one police officer, does not even come close to making it right. Especially when Bill Blair has the audacity to stand up and say that the video of the indecent was tampered with.

Prime minister Stephen Harper, Premier Dalton Mcguinty, Chief Bill Blair and the management team of the RCMP, and CSIS had the full ability to hold this summit in a remote area of the country, but instead held it in the most populated city in the nation. The only reason I can think of for this, is that our government wanted to show the people what a true police state looked like and that it could happen here. And if you had the ability to stand up and speak out against whatever cause it was, you would be treated like a criminal, even though you would not end up even being charged with anything.

The management of this orchestrated police state weekend should be the people facing trials, every police officer who illegally detained Canadians, enforced a non existing law, who hid their names, and who assaulted people should be tried for treason! Not only one low ranking officer who got caught in the act.

But I guess that is there style right? The the truly responsible go, and give up one or even few low level people.

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  1. Drew says:

    It is good to see that one person has been charged but this is not justice by any means! Being a detainee at the G20 I saw so many people gashed, bruised, and who's faces were completely covered in blood. All of which were peaceful protesters and were denied medical assistance when needed. I myself was detained for 36 hours without a hearing or being let go. The law states that after 24 hours with out a bail hearing the detainee must be let go. I couldn't call any one. My family was running around Toronto looking for me and I made all of this aware to several police officers who decided to ignore me. We were denied water and food for extended periods of time. we were begging them for water and they would deny us it and at one point they gave us dirty tainted water after getting annoyed with us. Food and water are basic survival needs and all of the officers "Guarding" us did nothing about it. This goes further than a few officers physically abusing people while being arrested. All of these innocent people were in the fist place illegally arrested. I was arrested in a designated protest area and I cant count the number of people who said they didn't get their rights red to them or even know why they got arrested or if they were being charged. Then many were beaten while being arrested. Denied medical assistance when needed (there was even a case I witnessed that a diabetic "prisoner" was ignored for eight hours before the staff tried to give him the wrong type insulin and then police accused of lying to them even tho doing that would have put him in a diabetic coma). Denied food and water which are basic needs. No place to sleep and we were cuffed while in the cage. This isn't even the begging of tragedies that occurred nor laws and Canadian RIGHTS BROKEN by those who have swore to server and protect the people. This is just what I saw being in a single cell after being arrested. All of this was encouraged by people including police chief Blare and Stephen Harper, and played out by most of the officers and personnel running the G20 event. This one case of an officer getting arrested in NOT JUSTICE by any means. Every thing that happened in the cells was video taped Now Where are the tapes!? I want to see justice but its all being covered up and people are just sitting here taking it.

    I use to be proud to be Canadian

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