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Could Food Shortages Come To Canada In 2011?

While we all watch the civil unrest in Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Yemen unfold. The one thing that is connected in all of these countries is the fact that all of them faced food shortages, and sky rocketing food prices.

Can that happen in Canada in 2011?
Yes it can! We are are already being warned that food prices will sharply rise this year, due to gas and energy prices rising. Which has already caused the inflation rate to hit 2.4% in December 2010.

Recently in Berlin Germany Agriculture ministers from Europe, Africa and Canada met and warned of the dangers of inflation and food shortages.

"Aziz Akhenouch ( Moroccan) denounced the "rocketing prices" which threaten purchasing power as well as political stability in his country, which is a major wheat importer and saw prices double last year."

In that week long meeting, the only options tabled as a solution, was more GM crops and more trade agreements. And we have all seen how well both of those work out!

Add the fact that Canadian production is now lagging behind the Americans (among many other countries), source and this looks like it could become a real problem very soon.

The Canadian government seems to be doing very little to prevent this from happening, and personally I will not wait for them to come up with a solution. Even if they do, it will not have our best interests in mind!

We need to band together in our communities, and create our own protection barrier against a food shortage. Building community Gardens, and networking are going to be vital! Our government and the international community can try to scare people into whatever regulations they want. But if we have networks of communities that can sustain themselves, none of it will work! And the people will get by just fine.

Unmanned Military Plane Now Patrolling Canada - U.S. Border

If hearing about the North American Security Perimeter lately, has not been enough for you. Now we get this news.

The Predator aircraft's have seen combat over Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Serbia, Iraq, and Yemen. Add Canada and the U.S. to that list now. All in the guise of combating the drug trade. Let me restate that. The unmanned military aircraft will now be patrolling the the Canadian - U.S. border, to fight the war against drugs! That is said to move in large amounts, frequently across the border. Just a little bit of overkill don't ya think?

In reality this seems to stem from what has been said about the North American Security Perimeter.

"The New Border Vision is being billed as a 21st century border management system that will include new common consumer product regulations, a pre-clearance agreement for goods crossing the border to expedite waiting times and the use of advanced technology to utilize biometric data for travelers at airports and land crossings, according to people familiar with the plan."

Utilization of new technologies, and new common consumer product regulations (cough cough* Bill C-36 the consumer product safety act).

Using the drone planes that are equipped with high tech camera's that can see threw walls of houses/buildings and vehicles, would definitely cut down border wait times. Because the border agents would know which cars to stop and which ones not too, before they even reach the border. But what does that say for our rights?

According to this article, "Officials with U.S. Customs and Border Protection say the aircraft can transmit live, streaming video and radar images from above the huge swaths of rugged — and remote — terrain"

At first this is where they will be used. But as many of us already know, that is only the start. The push towards the North American Union is getting faster, with everyday that passes! We all have to unite and stand against this coming police state, and protect our sovereignty right now! Or all will be lost.

Better Go And Get Your Vaccine!!

On the front page of the Hamilton Spectator January 18 2011. There is a picture of a needle and a bottle of medication, with the ever scary caption " Flu has hit really hard, really early".

I always give the link to any related articles that I am speaking about. But unfortunately this story is not posted on the Hamilton Spectator website.

The front page article says:
"Medical officials warn this years flu has the province in a nasty grip at a time when the number of Ontarians who received the seasonal vaccine is at an all time low.
"It's happening really hard, really early" said ministry of health spokesperson David Jensen, noting there are more than 1,800 lab confirmed cases across Ontario, about eight times higher than the average for this stage in the season. "That's why we're trying to get the word out for people to get their shots."

It goes on to say that there is four hundred confirmed cases and three deaths linked to influenza so far in Hamilton. But there are hundreds more that likely have not been lab tested. Are you scared yet? Ready to take your family to the flu clinic yet?

This article is nothing more than a pure scare tactic! Big Pharma is not happy that most Canadians have become aware of the high risks behind the flu shot and they are not making as much money. There is not one word about boosting your immune system with the food you eat, Vitamin D or C, or any other method of flu prevention, other than the shots!

Or how the influenza and most other vaccines are ineffective and dangerous. To left is a chart showing a sharp decrease in mortality rates from influenza in America, long before the vaccination programs were rolled out.

There is a great article
explaining these facts here:

The best way to protect yourself against influenza, is by living a proper lifestyle! Eating raw organic foods, making sure you get a good intake of vitamins (vitamin D and C especially), and being active. Not blindly listening to propaganda and injecting synthetics into your body.

Vaccines have been a big money maker for big pharma companies, for a very long time now, and they refuse to accept the fact that people in large numbers have caught on to their scam. In the coming months expect the propaganda machine to be in high gear, when it comes to vaccinations!

Big Pharma Loves You!

There is so many examples of big pharma showing how much they love people, it is hard to know where to start! Between unsafe drugs, unsafe vaccines, lobbying to have harsh laws/regulations on their competition (the ever dangerous Natural Health Foods), and on and on. If you were to sit down and write a list of all the ways that big pharma companies love and care about us all, you would end up with a large stack of paper by the time you were done!

There is one example of their love that not too many people talk about, or know about. In Canada there has been people who become addicted to illegal drugs, for a very long time now. A large number of those people eventually at least try to become clean (at least once). To do so, they turn to the methadone clinics. Pharmacuetical companies produce the methadone, to help people who are suffering threw addiction.

In the brains of addicted people, methadone prevents heroin or morphine from interacting with receptors for natural painkillers called endorphins , blocking the effects of the addictive drugs and reducing the physical cravings.

The methadone usually costs about five to ten dollars a day in Canada. My research conduted in Brantford Ontario, shows that about 3,000 people visit the methadone clinic a day.
When you do the math, the pharmaceutical companies are making anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 a day from just this one small clinic. WOW showing love, can be very profitable don't you think?

Over half of the 3,000 visitors a day to the small clinic in Brantford, are there because big pharma and their doctors loved them so much, that when these everyday people. Who most of, had no history of drug abuse, got injured. They where given drugs like Oxycontin (a narcotic pain reliever). Even after they're injury had healed and a doctor will no longer prescribe these medications to you. Do not worry! They can be purchased online without a prescription. But if you decide that you no longer wish to take the pain reliever, big pharma is right there with another drug for you! Now if that is not love, I don't know what is!

With all of this love and profits that are being made from both drugs, I do not know how things could get any better! Pharmaceutical companies profiting as they help you with your pain, and then when they help you get off of those painkillers. You get to suffer oops, I mean enjoy this whole process that could take years instead of weeks/months.

These are great times we live in aren't they?