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More Than 500 Health Professionals Protest Bill S-10

Over 500 physicians, scientists and researchers, led by the Urban Health Research Initiative, a program of the B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, and the Canadian Public Health Association are making an argument that Bill S10 is both ineffective and expensive.

Bill S10 is drug legislation that includes mandatory minimum sentences of 6-9 months for growing 6 or more marijuana plants, and 12-18 months for making any hashish (including baked goods!) This is the first time in Canada's history that a minimum sentence has been set for marijuana.

The Health Care professionals sent a letter to Stephen Harper and opposition leaders that said:
“We, the undersigned, are concerned that the federal government is pursuing significant amendments to federal drug legislation, through Bill S-10, which are not scientifically grounded and which research demonstrates may actually contribute to health and social harms in our communities,”

Although the government has not produced detailed budget estimates regarding the potential cost of implementing mandatory minimum sentences, similar sentencing regimes introduced in the United States have cost taxpayers billions of dollars. During these difficult economic times, this raises the question of why the federal government proposes to spend scarce financial resources on policies that have been shown to be expensive, ineffective and harmful.”

These are the kind of laws that we wrote about in our previous post HERE. The federal government is hell bent on building new jails, and filling them up. Regardless of what any professional or the people of Canada have to say.

I applaud the professionals as they stand up for us. But we in turn need to stand up and support them as well! Please send them an email to let them know that you ARE standing with them on this issue.

B.C. Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

Canadian Public Health Association

Privatized Prisons Coming To A Community Near You?

In the summer of 2010, Stockwell Day announced that the federal government would be "investing" 9.5 billion dollars into news jails, and renovations to existing prisons.
For all of the unreported crimes, that studies show are rising. I still to this day have not figured that one out. How does the government know how many unreported crimes there is? They are not reported.

Here is the video of Stockwell's announcement.

There is a method to the madness behind this. Canada has flirted with the idea of privately owned and operated prisons for many years now.

The Penetanguishene Correctional Center was a striking attempt at getting in on the controversial private-prison craze that has swept the United States, where for-profit businesses now run over 150 prisons. This experiment ended with failure in 2006.

The man behind the idea of privatized jails in Canada was and is Rob Sampson. He spearheaded the Penetanguishene experiment, and was the head of the review panel that decided to give this massive funding to build new prisons.

Before entering politics, his career was in, yup you guessed it banking. He worked for Toronto Dominion Bank from 1980 to 1987, and at the Toronto branch of Chase Manhattan from 1987 to 1995.

The Canadian government is also creating insane laws and sentencing, at the same time. Between Bill-C36, Bill-S10, and the mandate to link small petty crimes with organized crime, with huge mandatory sentences. This brings many more prisoners, for much longer time frames.

In a time that our government is selling off crown corporations, and discussing selling more. It is only a matter of time before they start openly talking about privatizing our prisons. More than likely it will be shortly after the new jails, and renovations are complete.

What we are seeing is the formation of a win/win situation for the bankers. Our tax money will fund there jails expansions, and our government is setting the laws to lock more and more Canadians up. American companies run by the bankers will then come and buy our jails. Brand new and filled with prisoners.

These prisoners will become the modern day Canadian slaves. Working extended hours for as little as twenty five cents a hour. Building appliances and other products.

Doesn't the sounds of this make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? I know it sure makes me feel safer know our government wants to enslave us, and hand over every piece of our nation to the banking elite!