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Don't worry Canada No U.S.-style pat-downs here

According to the Sudbury Star a 15 year old girl was violated when she was forced to publicly have a full body pat-down at the Greater Sudbury Airport.

The key section of the article says:
"I asked them if they could take me instead and they said no. I asked if they at least could do it in private, BUT THEY DID NOT HAVE THE FACILITIES."

Full article HERE

What makes this section of the article so important is that a few hours later a CBC news article came out titled: No U.S.-style pat-downs here: Strahl
"Travellers coming through Canadian airports won't have to worry that they will face public pat-downs like those happening in the U.S., Transport Minister Chuck Strahl promised Wednesday.

Privacy screens and booths are being installed at airports throughout Canada, which will give people the option of being screened in private, Strahl told reporters in Ottawa."

Full article HERE

This is clearly a one, two punch by the main stream media, to get Canadians to accept the horrid TSA style pat downs. The first article paints the picture of a shy 15 year old girl that was humiliated by the airport security, and that having a private room to do that in would have greatly helped. Nothing about how the nazi style pat downs are direct breaches of our rights, or that they should not be happening in the first place.

In the second article They do not say that they will not conduct the invasive pat downs, or that these types of "random" searches are direct violations of our rights. Only that they will give an option to do it in private. Where there is no witnesses or camera's to prove or disprove what happens during the search.

Canadian officials have been watching the revolt against the TSA tyrannical pat downs, and have decided to try and look like the good guys. Don't worry everyone we are not like those evil TSA guys. We will take you into a private room where you are totally defenseless to conduct these illegal searches. And don't worry we are not incrementally heading into a police state. You can trust us!!!

CBC propaganda about Bill C-36

I know that 99% of main stream media is useless and nothing more then controlled propaganda. But when I read this CBC article it totally amazed me!

Senate debates consumer protection bill

The Senate on Wednesday began hearings on a consumer protection bill that could fundamentally change how dangerous products are recalled from the marketplace.

Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, seen touring a government product testing facility in Ottawa, examines products that were recalled due to product safety. Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, seen touring a government product testing facility in Ottawa, examines products that were recalled due to product safety. (Adrian Wyld/Associated Press)If passed, the new act would require manufacturers and distributors to prove products are safe. It would also allow the government to order the recall of dangerous products.

'It creates a safety net that doesn't currently exist.'—Robert Ianiro, Health Canada

"It basically says to suppliers … you cannot manufacture, import, advertise or sell a consumer product that poses an unreasonable danger to human health and safety," said Robert Ianiro, director of the consumer product safety bureau at Health Canada.

"That is very important because it creates a safety net that doesn't currently exist."

The current consumer safety net is the 40-year-old Hazardous Products Act, which gives the government only limited consumer protection powers.

For instance, under the current legislation, the government cannot order a product recall. It must instead convince the manufacturer to voluntarily recall unsafe products.

In an era of globalization, that approach does not serve consumers well, says Hari Bapuji, a University of Manitoba business professor.

"We need to approach product safety a little more proactively and more broadly," he said in an interview with CBC News.

So far this year, Health Canada has posted more than 300 voluntary recall notices, a third of them for children's products.

The government says new legislation will give it more muscle to order a product recall, impose fines on the makers and sellers of dangerous products and the authority to order independent testing.

While he supports the bill, Bupuji worries about Health Canada's ability to enforce new legislation.

"We are not going to get the full benefits of legislation unless we reform Health Canada and give more resources to them," he said.

The government hopes to have the bill passed within the next few weeks. By then, it has promised to double the number of consumer product safety inspectors.

CBC Story

This is blatant propaganda in it's fullest form! There is no mention of the apposition to the bill, never mind even the bills name.

No mention of what extra powers health Canada and it's inspectors will get. Which we will now tell you.

Health Canada inspectors will be able to snoop around on private property without warrant, and all that is needed to obtain a warrant is to prove that the premise has a consumer product (even abandoned buildings have consumer products). They can also search and seize the property of business owners without warrant. The seizures have no time limit or oversight by the courts.

This is a bill that will destroy the rule of law in Canada! But you will never see this on CBC news!

Just imagine seeing things like the story of Dr. Eldon Dahl (video below) being common place. Is this kind of Health Canada authority really necessary?

I encourage all of you to call CBC news and let them know that this kind of propaganda will not be tolerated!!!! Their toll free phone number is 1-866-306-4636

Is Canada becoming Codex Alimentarius compliant?

In recent years two bills (C-51 and C-6) that would have brought us one step closer to becoming Codex Alimentarius compliant failed to pass the the house and senate. Both bills were almost exactly the same thing, but with a few re writes. Thanks to people like constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley, the people of Canada were alerted about the risks of such bills and acted on them.

But now the federal government has not only re introduced the bill again, they have secretly passed it in the house of commons. Bill C-36 (once again the same bill as the previous two, with only a few re writes) will remove the rule of law in Canada!

How will it do this?

Bil C-36 will provide the framework in which Trade Agreements can become law without Parliamentary Review. This would give the government of Canada the legal OK, to continue on the road to global regulations and global governance.

From Section 37 of Bill C-36
(2)a regulation made under this Act may incorporate by reference documents produced by a person or body other than the minister including by:

(c) a government

from section 2 definitions:

“government” :

(e) a government of a foreign state or of a sub divisions of foreign states

(f) an international organization of states.

The full Bill can be read HERE

"The ability of foreign governments to dictate our Canadian regulations."

Bill C-36 abolishes the law of trespass thus allowing the State access onto private property without any legal recourse.

Bill C-36 for the first time in Canadian history allows warrants to be issued to search private homes without evidence of criminal wrong doing.

Bill C-36 allows the State to seize property without a Court order, without reporting the seizure to a Court, and for an indefinite period.

Bill C-36 allows the State to assume control over the movement of private property without a Court order and without a safety concern.

So how would this bill fit into Codex Alimentarius?

To make that connection we must first take a look at what Codex is. Codex Alimentarius is a program from the world health organization (WHO) to regulate global food standards.

Here is the about us section from the Codex website:
The Codex Alimentarius Commission was created in 1963 by FAO and WHO to develop food standards, guidelines and related texts such as codes of practice under the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Program. The main purposes of this Program are protecting health of the consumers and ensuring fair trade practices in the food trade, and promoting coordination of all food standards work undertaken by international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

In other words a department of the United Nations that plans to regulate the food trade.

This is what I believe to be the "foreign governments" that the bill is referring to. Our food products will be regulated by the United Nations. But that's OK right? They just want to protect us right? Or does this program fall into the United nations admitted and documented plans for a global population reduction by 90%?

Here is a good breakdown of Codex and what it is:

And becoming Codex complaint is only the beginning of the problems with this bill. Since food products are only one part of the list of consumer products. This will also help the process of harmonization into the North American Union. Under this bill Canadian regulations can then be controlled by the United Sates or any private corporation that is involved in the North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA). All without any safeguards for the Canadian people!

And it is very convenient that this bill secretly passed the house at the same time that the American version Bill S510 passed.

If you have not already contact your MP, the time to do so is now! We need to make sure that they know, we are not going to just stand by and allow our sovereignty and rule of law go quietly into the night!