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Cut Backs For The Canadian Border Services Agency

MONTREAL -- The union representing customs agents says the new decision by the Canada Border Services Agency to curtail its involvement in assisting other police forces across the country raises safety issues.

The CSBA announced the move on Dec. 24, citing a budget crunch and concerns over "gaps in officers' authorities and protections."

But a vice president for the Customs and Immigration Union said that means fewer raids, fewer seizures and less safety.

"There will be an immediate impact on security," Jean-Pierre Fortin said Sunday.


This seems to be totally against what Vic Toews the Canadian Minister of public safety has been pushing for the last year. And what about keeping us Canadians safe from all those scary terrorists? Why such a sudden change? Why now?

Well I do not think that this is unrelated to the "New North American Security Perimeter", that has been reported to be announced in the next month or so.

In the New North American Security Perimeter (precursor to the North American Union)it is said that The Americans do not trust the Canadians to protect the Northern area of North America. Also that they will utilize biometric data for travelers at airports and land crossings. These two possibilities will render the Canadian customs agents, well rather useless. The Americans do not trust them and want the department of homeland security to be keeping us Canadians safe.

But I know this is only a deal with the United States right? Nothing to do with a North American Union, because Mexico is not involved.

They tried to just push forward with all three parties openly (I use that term very loosely), and the people saw it for what it was while it was called the SSP.

Now a different tactic is being used. The Americans have already signed an almost identical agreement with Mexico.

"The U.S. announced a similar deal with Mexico in March. It included moves to expedite travel and commerce such as secure transit lanes for pre-cleared rail and truck shipments, as well as passenger pre-clearance for individuals." Source

These agreement are exactly what the SSP was. Just with different packaging. All three governments can say, We have not signed into the North American Union. We have only signed a deal with one of our neighboring countries, not both of them. Meanwhile they are or have already signed on to the exact same agreement with the other parties involved.

It is all a slight of the hand trick, and we need to see it for what it is! We are running out of time, very quickly!

Yet another study linking fluoride exposure to lowered IQ

Is this the end of water fluoridation?

NEW YORK, Dec. 21, 2010 Exposure to fluoride may lower children's intelligence says a study pre-published in Environmental Health Perspectives, a publication of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (online December 17, 2010).

According to Paul Connett, Ph.D., director of the Fluoride Action Network, "This is the 24th study that has found this association, but this study is stronger than the rest because the authors have controlled for key confounding variables and in addition to correlating lowered IQ with levels of fluoride in the water, the authors found a correlation between lowered IQ and fluoride levels in children's blood. This brings us closer to a cause and effect relationship between fluoride exposure and brain damage in children."


24 human and animal tests have now confirmed this. How can Health Canada fight this anymore? Most of these studies show a lowering in IQ's when the fluoride levels are much higher then what we currently have in our water. So according to Health Canada, the amounts of fluoride in our water are safe, and will not cause these effects.

But at the same time, Health Canada says that they do not know how much fluoride Canadians are ingesting. Because of the many ways the public is exposed to the substance. There is fluoride in most bottled drinks, preserved and processed foods, Teflon cooking pans and many more other sources.

So we are being exposed to this hazardous waste not only in the water at so called "safe" limits, but from a variety of other sources, and there is no way to tell how much each individual is consuming. That makes it next to impossible for any municipality or Health Canada to verify that Canadians are not being over exposed to fluoride. Nor can they verify that fluoride is having no negative side effects on us or our children.

Even with the levels of fluoride in the water, every one consumes different amounts on a daily basis. Think if some one is working out or physically training everyday. How much more water are they drinking compared to some one who is not.

I sincerely hope that this is another nail in the coffin for water fluoridation! And we can make it that. If you live in a fluoridated city, please send this story, the rest of the stories on this site, and many more from fluoridealert.org to your city councilors and mayor. Give it to your doctor and your dentist as well.

Together we can be the change we wish to see in the world!

Toronto Police officer charged for G20 assault

A Toronto police officer is now charged with assaulting G20 protester Adam Nobody.

The provincial police watchdog Special Investigations Unit said Tuesday that Const. Babak Andalib-Goortani was charged with assault with a weapon.

The charge follows the SIU saying Nov. 25 that excessive force was used on Nobody on June 26 at Queen's Park but were unable to identify anyone in the video evidence, which was shown on YouTube.

The case regained momentum after Chief Bill Blair said on CBC Radio One on Nov. 29 that the video had been tampered with, and suggested Nobody was violent.


This story does bring some good news. A police officer who did wrong, is going to have to face that now. But just like every other main stream news story about the Toronto G20, It fails to show the complete lawlessness from our government and those in charge.

Chief Bill Blair openly had the Toronto police, enforce a non existent law. The infamous 5 meter rule, was conducted all across the GTA, not only within 5 meters of the security fence. And did not stop even weeks after the G20 summit had ended. I personally witnessed this and many caught it on camera. So many laws and rights were broken that weekend that charging one police officer, does not even come close to making it right. Especially when Bill Blair has the audacity to stand up and say that the video of the indecent was tampered with.

Prime minister Stephen Harper, Premier Dalton Mcguinty, Chief Bill Blair and the management team of the RCMP, and CSIS had the full ability to hold this summit in a remote area of the country, but instead held it in the most populated city in the nation. The only reason I can think of for this, is that our government wanted to show the people what a true police state looked like and that it could happen here. And if you had the ability to stand up and speak out against whatever cause it was, you would be treated like a criminal, even though you would not end up even being charged with anything.

The management of this orchestrated police state weekend should be the people facing trials, every police officer who illegally detained Canadians, enforced a non existing law, who hid their names, and who assaulted people should be tried for treason! Not only one low ranking officer who got caught in the act.

But I guess that is there style right? The the truly responsible go, and give up one or even few low level people.

Another example of eugenics in Canada

Many people do not know that Canada has had a very long history with eugenics. The programs have run from the inception of our nation all the way up until current day.

A great example of this was the ethnic cleansing on the native people. When the Euro-christian elite who first came to this country in the 1800's, the eugenics programs began. A systematic plan of population reduction in the native communities.

These programs hit there high points between the 1920's and 1960's. When the native children were taken by force (some as young as 3 years old) to Indian residential schools, they were subjected to murder, rape, exposure of small pox and tuberculosis, and sterilization. It is said that 60% of the children who entered the schools did not come out.

The church (United church of Canada) who ran the schools has still not admitted to any wrong doing, but the Canadian government has given apologies and financial settlements to survivors and family members.

Many people do not know that Canada had forced sterilization programs that ran until the year 1979. The programs intended to prevent the reproduction and multiplication of members of the population considered to be carriers of defective genetic traits.
2800 people were sterilized, by force in the province of Alberta alone.

But this is just a black eye in Canadian history right? Wrong. Unknown to many, the eugenics programs continue to this very day. A great example of this is something called a fetal reduction or selective reduction.

The practice is promoted to be done to avoid the medical issues generally related to multiple births, including premature births, low birth weights, and associated medical problems. Selective reduction an also be used to reduce a twin pregnancy to a single one.

In other words if a woman is pregnant with an undesirable child, or a multiple pregnancy they can terminate (abortion) or reduce the number of babies they are going to have. The parents can decide to do this if the baby is not the desired sex, like what they do in China. And it is totally legal.

The doctors (not all) and the state play a large role in this. If the parents are in a lower class, have medical issues, or are disabled these kinds of programs are pushed onto them.

Eugenics in a "nice" way. They will not force it, but will throw so much propaganda at the parents, only the very strong willed will refuse.

A typical example of people accepting the tyranny. Accepting what should never be accepted. They are various other eugenics programs still in use in Canada, and they will be covered in the future.

Canada wide anti Bill C-36 rally

Bill C-36 passed on December 13 2010. This bill allows foreign governments and private foreign corporations to dictate what Canadian consumer products will be pulled from the shelves.

It also totally undermines what once was the rule of law for this country. Health Canada inspectors can search and seize without warrant, and hold property for as long as they see fit (at expense of the owner), and they do not even need to have any... suspicion of a crime or any evidence of one to do so.

So are Canadians going to just sit back and take this? I say hell NO!! The time to draw your line in the sand is now! To many people forget that revolutionary wars have been fought all threw out history over tyrannical laws like this.

I am not suggesting a war of revolution, but rather a peaceful stand against tyranny. The Canadian people have been left in the dark on this, and once we shine some light on the situation. The truth will unfold and and bring the corrupted politicians to justice!

Help us in this infowar. We need to have rallies all across this great land at exactly the same time. If we can get enough cities and people involved, the msm, politicians, and the Canadian people will have no choice but to see this Bill for what it is! A direct violation of the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms, and a move towards globalization.

Lets get out there and make our voices heard!!!

Join the facebook event page at: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=136759229714202&num_event_invites=0

Breaking News About Natural Health Product Enforcement in March 2011

This email was posted by Kevin P Miller HERE

I regret to be the bearer of bad news. I have received confirmation of the new Health Canada enforcement intent for 2011. On March 1, 2011 Health Canada begins full enforcement of nhp’s.

Here are the details:

On March 1, 2011 retailers will not be permitted to purchase unlicensed stock from suppliers (EN or NPN is required), regardless of a submission being in queue.·

On March 1, 2011 importers will not be allowed to import unlicensed products (EN or NPN required).·

On September 1, 2011 retailers will not be allowed to sell to consumers any product that does not have an EN or NPN. In other words, retailers will be allowed to continue selling out unlicensed stock from now until September 1, 2011 — but after September 1, 2011 they will not be permitted to sell unlicensed stock.

This is a drastic sea change in policy, and I need to emphasize with all of you that this is no small matter. I strongly encourage for those of you who are CHFA members to send your feedback to Helen Sherrard (hsherrard@chfa.ca) and let them know how you feel. They need feedback. So that you are aware, a strong cross-stakeholder advocacy initiative is already under way — and I will be sending out invites to participate over the next month. We cannot afford to lose our innovative products, especially when Health Canada is not committed to changing their evidence standards.

The NHPD has also told us they are committing to changing some of their evidence standard guidelines. But I need to emphasize here — and I have learned this just today — that none of those evidence standard changes are with regards to how much / what type of evidence is required for what type of claim (i.e., this is our biggest challenge as always). While there are some minor changes that will be beneficial, for the most part these evidence standards have turned out to be minor and have been watered down by Health Canada. If you are a client of ours (excuse this blanket email), you need to ensure that you have all of your submissions in ASAP. You cannot bank on an advocacy change — if you intend to sell any products after March 1, 2011 then you need to have your submissions in now.

We are booking for January, please let Adrian Rodriguez (adrian@nhpconsulting.ca) know as soon as possible what your needs are.

Brian Brian Thomas Wagner, PresidentNHP Consulting Inc.

phone (250) 532-2284

fax 1-888-414-8038

email brian@nhpconsulting.caskype brian.nhpconsultingmail

2017A Cadboro Bay Road, Suite 149Victoria, BC CANADA V8R 5G4

For more from Kevin click HERE

The rule of law in Canada is dead, with the passing of Bill C-36

Bill C-36 the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Bill passed the senate of Canada on December 13 2010. This is a day that will scar Canadian history forever, as the conservative majority ignored the Canadian people, ignored the experts and pushed ahead with this abomination of a bill.

Several more amendments were recommended by Hon. Elaine McCoy, with a great speech that I would like to share. (For the full reading click HERE

Hon. Elaine McCoy: Honourable senators, before I begin speaking on the clock, your honour, may I ask for clarification on a point of procedure? I spoke with the Leader of the Government in the Senate and with the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, and I believe the table officers are aware and had spoken to His Honour about it, but it has been a long-standing practice of the Senate to stack amendments. In the course of my comments, I propose to move amendments that are not sub-amendments to Senator Banks' amendment. With leave of the Senate, I will proceed; otherwise, I will wait until later.

The Hon. the Speaker pro tempore: The tradition in this house has been that in circumstances such as these, we do, in fact, stack amendments, and honourable senators are free to debate any of the amendments before the house.

Is it agreed, honourable senators, that the amendments be stacked?

Hon. Senators: Agreed.

Senator McCoy: Thank you very much. I appreciate honourable senators' agreement on that point.

I will invite all honourable senators to go on a little journey with me, and imagine for a moment how they would feel if suddenly a government official appears at their door, maybe flashes a tiny identification card, which, if honourable senators are like me, they would have to peer at to read, and without a by-your-leave, enters their premises, sits down at their computer, starts to search, stands up, wanders around their premises, and even begins to seize files and other products that they might sell or produce. The government official not only does that without a by-your-leave, they also do it without any prior notice or warning. They can hold on to those goods for long enough to disrupt a business and maybe even send the owner into financial difficulty.

There are no means to prevent this activity. Imagine how honourable senators would feel. There is no judicial review, there is no recourse for action, and there is no due process.

The business owners ask themselves and probably this official, "What is happening; have I committed a heinous crime of some kind?"

Of course, the answer is no because if it were a serious crime, it would be a police officer at their door, and the police officer would have a warrant from a justice of the peace or a judge before entering, let alone seizing any files or goods.

Perhaps they have been found guilty already of some crime. Again, the answer is no. All we have here is a bureaucratic desire to peek, pick, poke and God knows what else at products and files — a fishing expedition, as Senator Banks and others have said.

It is simple curiosity, based on nothing solid like judicial review or scientific review, and not even an honest belief that the act or regulations have been contravened — nothing.

The worst part is that there is nothing they can do about it and no one they can talk to until well after the fact.

With respect to that little movie, you might be thinking, "Oh, my goodness, no, no, no; that is a Cold War scenario; That is only in Eastern Bloc countries; that is one of the terrible situations that used to exist on the other side of the Great Wall."

However, it is not true. That can happen to anyone in Canada in the 21 century, not because they are a drug smuggler, as Senator Wallace and others were discussing, a human trafficker or a porn producer. They are someone whose occupation it is to make or sell consumer products in Canada — ordinary consumer goods — and they may be completely innocent of any wrongdoing. Think of it, honourable senators: they may be completely innocent.

The folks at their door who are demanding entry are not even trained police officers. They are Health Canada inspectors, for heaven's sakes, and the only thing someone can do after the fact is complain to other Health Canada inspectors, who probably have their office or desk next to each other and who are about as likely to overturn a colleague's commandments as one might expect.

So we are clear, I will say again what we have all been saying. At its heart, the bill has honourable goals, much as Senator Banks said about Bill S-10, and much as Senator Day, Senator Banks, Senator Cordy and others have said about Bill C-36. The goal of keeping safe products on our shelves, in our homes and in our business is a good one.

We also endorse the idea that they should be withdrawn from circulation, and there should be some teeth in that, if they are considered to be dangerous or likely to have a serious problem.

However, embedded in the minutia of the legislation are disturbing new powers given to bureaucrats that, in their present wording, would go against the tradition which started about 800 years ago — in 1215 in the Magna Carta, to be precise. It is going against the tradition of common law in Canada, for example, the right to due process. It is those powers that I am concerned about, and I would expect honourable senators would be concerned about as well.

The crux of the matter is this: Do we need to rescind our long-standing, established rights and freedoms in the name of consumer safety? My answer is no. That is a false choice, a false dichotomy.

The Meat Inspection Act, for example, is a similar piece of legislation, but the Meat Inspection Act requires inspectors to believe that something is wrong before they enter, seize or inspect products. That is the normal practice in our country, and we have fought hundreds of years to establish and maintain those kinds of rights. Everyone wants a safe world for their families, but I do not think we have to give up our rights and freedoms to achieve that.

I am inviting all honourable senators to join us in voting against this bill, or at least voting for it with some amendments tonight. We should resist unchecked bureaucratic powers and resist the ability of the state to intervene at will in our private business. We should, in fact, stop criminalizing our world. Let us make our world safer, by all means, but let us not lose our rights and freedoms along the way.

Motion in Amendment

Hon. Elaine McCoy: Honourable senators, therefore, I move that Bill C-36 be not now read a third time, but that it be amended in the following particulars, and I will summarize those particulars first, and then read them into the record: first, that they reinstate the requirement that an inspector must believe that the act or regulations have been contravened before entering or seizing or searching; second, that a warrant be required before entering; and third, that the common-law defences of due diligence and belief in fact be restored.

Let me read the amendment:

That Bill C-36 be not now read a third time but that it be amended

(a) in clause 21(1), on page 10, by replacing lines 34, 35, 36 and 37 with the following:

"(1) Subject to subsection 22(1), if an inspector has reasonable grounds to believe there has been non-compliance with this Act or the regulations, he may, at any reasonable";

(b) in clause 22, on page 12,

(i) by replacing lines 19, 20 and 21 with the following:

"(1) An inspector may not enter the place mentioned in subsection 21(1) without the consent of the occupant";

(ii) by replacing lines 27 and 28 with the following:

"person who is named in it to enter the place if the justice of the peace is satisfied by",

(iii) by replacing line 30 with the following:

"(a) the place is a place described in",

(iv) by replacing line 32 with the following:

(b) entry to the place is necessary",

(v) by replacing line 35 with the following:

"(c) entry to the place was refused".

(c) by deleting clause 59, on page 31, lines 28 to 41.

I would invite all honourable senators to uphold our rights and freedoms and to accept these amendments this evening.

CANADIAN RULE OF LAW - Born June 15, 1215, died December 13 2010
There is no question in the fact that we live in a tyrannical dictatorship anymore.

A little less sovereignty please?

Running parallel to Bill C-36, that will hand over the ability to recall consumer products to foreign governments and private corporations. (It also destroys the rule of law in our once great country) There is another threat to Canadian sovereignty.

This threat has been discussed for many years and we have been watching it slowly take shape. The North American Union could now be a reality much quicker then I anticipated.

The National Post recently "broke" a story titled: Tories to announce deal forming North America 'perimeter'. It goes on to say:

"The Conservative government is set to announce a landmark security and trade deal with the United States, designed to create a perimeter around North America and allow people and goods to flow more freely across the border.

Sources suggested that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama will sign the broad-ranging agreement in Washington as early as next month."

The plan is said to new common consumer product regulations, a pre-clearance agreement for goods crossing the border to expedite waiting times and the use of advanced technology to utilize biometric data for travelers at airports and land crossings.
Full storyHERE

The problems with this deal are vast.
New product relation plans and pre-clearance agreements that can dictate what products are being shipped and which ones are not. This could give large corporations that lobby our governments (thus controlling them) the ability eliminate any rising competition. Remember it was David Rockefeller who said "Competition is a sin".

The utilization of biometric data will add to the already emerging big brother system that we are living in. Giving the government the ability to track and trace every move you make is just a bad idea, common sense would tell you.

Canada will be bound into an American system of Homeland Security threw harmonization of Immigration, security and law enforcement policies. This is already becoming evident in Canada threw Bill C-42, An Act to amend the Aeronautics Act that would require Canadian airline carriers that fly over the U.S. to provide the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with passenger information.

The Americans want concentric rings of security and do not trust the Canadians to police the northern perimeter of the continent.

All of this is said to increase our security, improve our trade agreements and improve these issues at the border.

So is the thinned border security and trade advantages really worth becoming harmonized into an American homeland security police state? This is the question that all Canadians should be pondering right now.

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

How to safely detox fluoride from your body

As many people already know the commonly used sodium fluoride is extremely toxic, and contrary to most "medical professionals" it is not good for the human body.

But if you have become health conscious and stopped drinking fluoridated water your good right? Yes and No.

If you were raised in a community that fluoridates your water, it has built up in your system. Sodium fluoride is an accumulative poison. If you are like me, born and raised in a fluoridated city it has built up in your body. Mainly in your bones, thyroid glad, and pineal gland. So how do you get that fluoride out of your system?

That is a very complicated question. There is no 100% verified method of totally detoxing fluorides from your body. But there is several methods that I have used (along with many others), and you can feel a huge difference. For example: Joint pain disappearing, Chronic headaches gone, an ability to think clearer, and weight loss.

Number one of coarse is to stop as much intake of fluoride as you can. Even though you may have stopped drinking it in your water, many preserved foods contain it.
Second is to start using a sauna regularly. Saunas expel many heavy metals and toxins (including fluoride) from your system. Third, getting enough sunlight daily plays a large role in detoxing the pineal gland. As well as getting enough time in the dark. Sounds strange I know. But the right balance of light and darkness helps to regulate the melatonin production (the main function of the pineal gland). Forth is getting enough exercise (which also helps regulate melatonin production). And fifth is doing a raw liver detox. The raw detox is were most people cringe and get turned away. But it is very simple and effective. All that you need to do is drink two cups of tea a day, cut back on preserved foods, and increase your intake of raw foods. Here is the tea recipe that I use.
* 1 thick slice of lemon
* 1 piece of fresh ginger, 2/3" long, peeled and bruised
* 1 cup boiling water
Place lemon and ginger in cup. Add boiling water and leave to infuse for two minutes. Remove lemon and ginger and drink immediately.

Using these five methods is very effective! But it is not a quick fix. It took all of that fluoride years to accumulate, and it will take years to get it all out. Everyone is different and can expect different results, but for myself I started to feel a large difference in 3 months. I have now been doing it for 3 years, and have felt great! I am at the point that if I drink a cup of coffee that contains fluoridated water, or eat a processed food that has fluoride, I become physically ill.

Possible amendments to Bill C-36

Senator Day has proposed new amendments to Bill C-36 and they were moved by Hon. Tommy Banks on Thursday December 9 2010. These amendments include:

THAT Bill C-36 be amended in clause 15, on page 9,

(a) by replacing line 13 with the following:

"information in relation to a consumer product to a person or a government that" and

(b) by replacing lines 17 to 20 with the following:

"relates only if

(a) the person to whom or government to which the information may be disclosed agrees in writing to maintain the confidentiality of the information and to use it only for the purpose of carrying out those functions; and

(b) the disclosure is necessary to identify or address a serious danger to human health or safety.

(2) The Minister shall provide prior notice of the intended disclosure to the individual to whom the personal information relates unless doing so would endanger human health or safety.

(3) If the Minister discloses personal information under subsection (1) without providing prior notice, he or she shall, as soon as practicable but not later than six months after the disclosure, notify the individual to whom the personal information relates.

(4) For greater certainty, nothing in this".

These amendments are a huge move in the right direction with this unconstitutional bill and the debate on Thursday was great.

Highlights from Thursday's debate:

"This bill, honourable senators, proposes a new scheme of a bureaucratic or an administrative type of governance. The basis for this legislation is criminal law legislation. However, rather than go through the time-honoured process of an offence under the criminal law jurisdiction and the checks that have been built into that to protect the individual, with which we are very familiar and comfortable here in Canada, this legislation proposes a new type of administrative process. Instead of offences, it refers to "violations." That, honourable senators, is the reason this bill deserves considerable study and why it must be scrutinized at the highest degree to ensure that, under this new scheme, individual rights and fundamental freedoms are not unnecessarily interfered with." - Senator Day

"I refer honourable senators quickly to section 21, which deals with verifying compliance. This provision means that inspectors can go into a property — they do not have to suspect that there is an infringement, a breach, or a violation of the act — and verify compliance. However, when they go in to verify compliance, they also can seize any product or vehicle for the purpose of verifying compliance. Furthermore, they can require the person whose product was seized to move that product somewhere else at that person's own expense.
Why is it necessary for this legislation to go that far? Why would inspectors not have the right to seize certain samples to verify; and then, if there is a breach or violation, they take the necessary steps?
There is no requirement for a warrant to enter into and over private property. The requirement for a warrant appears only with respect to dwelling houses, and then it is a weak warrant provision of ex parte, meaning that the warrant can be obtained without anyone knowing about it, without the knowledge of the person whose property will be violated, and without any representation there." - Senator Day

"Honourable senators, my office has received almost 1,000 emails requesting that the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology take the time to hear from witnesses who are familiar with the proposed legislation and to consider carefully the powers being sought by the government and ensuring that they are necessary and desirable.
Mr. Shawn Buckley was recommended as a possible witness, but the senators on the government side have refused to hear from him, and I asked myself why. Mr. Buckley is a very reputable constitutional lawyer and is highly qualified, probably one of the most qualified on this proposed legislation of anyone in Canada. We heard from Mr. Buckley in the previous version of this bill when it was Bill C-6, and he was very informative and insightful. Naturally, when the bill was reintroduced, he was the person we immediately suggested should be brought in to discuss the changes, those changes that were not made, as well as to enlighten us on the strengths and weaknesses of this new legislation being proposed. Unfortunately, the Conservative senators unanimously voted down Senator Cordy's motion to allow Mr. Buckley to appear before the committee. - Senator Day

Senator Mercer: Shame.

Senator Tardif: Shame."

"Does the honourable senator have a better definition or feel for what the term "foreign entity" means within Bill C-36? - Senator Cordy
Senator Day: I thank Senator Cordy for that question. I was here when she asked that question of Senator Martin, as well, and I referred to it earlier on. It is in clause 14 of the bill. Clause 14(1)(d) states that the minister can initiate a recall based on a recall or a measure that is initiated for human health or safety reasons by a foreign entity. That is one of the places where the term is used.
Senator Cordy has expressed a concern about an entity doing this for mischief reasons, for example, having a small recall in a particular area to get a competitive product off the market. That is a concern, and the real concern is that the term is not defined and thereby leaves it wide open for inspectors and government people to take actions and say that it was based on a foreign entity activity.
If one looks at the definition of "government," it is so terribly broad that it includes so many subsections of government operating in foreign areas. "Foreign entity," I would say, would be interpreted as something broader than that, and that is just virtually every group, organization, company or business anywhere in the world, quite frankly. It is troublesome." - Senator Day

"Before I get there, I want to reiterate some of the things that Senator Day has said. The government is going down what could be a very slippery slope here, as Senator Day has explained to us, by moving things that were previously considered offences in criminal law into a new regime called "violations." Those would be violations under regulations, the guilt of which is determined by a process, which, if one reads this bill carefully, allows for no possibility that a person, having been issued a notice of violation, can ever be found not to have committed the violation, regardless of what representations at any level the person so charged makes.
In addition, there is the matter that Senator Day referred to that is very important in that connection. The things that are now called "violations" and not "offences" are, in this act, made not susceptible of a defence in common law. In common law, we have always been able to defend against a charge of an offence by reason of having done demonstrable due diligence or by demonstrating that we reasonably believed in facts, which, if they were true, would be exculpatory. We have always been able to do that.
Now here are these "violations," not offences, in which this bill states the defence of common law, of due diligence, or of having believed in facts, which, if they were true, would be exculpatory, is no longer applicable. One cannot use the common law as a defence here. That is the beginning of a slippery slope, honourable senators. I hope we are not going down this staircase. - Senator Banks

Full debate can be found HERE

Here is the email response that senator Day is sending out:
Canadian Citizens,

If you are receiving this letter it is because you have expressed to me your concerns about Bill C-36 through one of the several hundred e-mails I have received over the last month. As you know, on December 1...st the Senate Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology passed C-36. I strongly opposed the passage without hearing from adequate witnesses, so I requested a recorded vote. The Conservative majority in committee all voted to pass the Bill without amendments, and now it returns to the Senate for third reading. The Conservatives hold a similar majority in the Senate.

We have worked hard to ensure that should Bill C-36 pass, it can only do so when given proper consideration, and only after every informed voice on the matter has been heard. This has not been then case. I have also proposed many amendments, all of which were voted down by the Conservatives voting together.

Many have asked what they can do to address this situation, to which I recommend the following; continue to e-mail your Senators, voicing your concern about how this Bill is being passed. In particular, you should contact the office of those Conservative Senators who seem intent on ramming this Bill through without giving due consideration to its repercussions. They seem totally disinterested in the potential effects of this Bill.

Below you will find a list of those Senators who voted in favour of passing Bill C-36 in committee. The Senate Chamber is meant to be a chamber of independent second thought, occupied by independent minded people. Amendments in the Senate will not cause an election, and thus should happen more frequently.

We are now in debate in the Senate. I spoke on Thursday, and it will continue Monday and Tuesday. Let’s hope for the best.

Yours Truly,

Joseph A. Day LL.M., P. Eng.


The Honourable Senator Braley

The Honourable Senator Champagne

The Honourable Senator Eaton

The Honourable Senator Housakos

The Honourable Senator Martin

The Honourable Senator Ogilvie

The Honourable Senator Seidman

I would suggest that we take his advice! Rather than continuing to email all of the senators, We should focus our efforts on the conservative senators. If we can spook even a couple of them, they may back off a little bit.

How to tell if the produce in your local grocery store is frankenfood

Many people are left wondering if the food they are buying has been genetically modified or not. Mainly because there is no law or regulation stating that the foods need to be labeled as such.

The way to find out is surprisingly easy. By reading the PLU code, you can tell if the fruit was genetically modified, organically grown or produced with chemical fertilizers, fungicides, or herbicides.

I am going to use bananas as an example. A banana that has been regularly grown with pesticides and other chemicals has the PLU # 4011.

Many people believe that a 5 digit PLU means that it is gm produce. Which is only 50% correct. I will explain.

An organic banana will. have the PLU 94011. All organic produce has a 5 digit PLU code that always starts with the number 9.

But gmo produce also has a 5 digit PLU. A genetically modified banana would have the PLU code 84011. All gm produce starts with the number 8.

Here is an example with apples. The top image to the left is a conventional MacIntosh apple PLU code of 4152.

In the bottom image it is PC organic apples with the PLU code of 94016. PLU codes vary from different companies but this method is still effective. So we see that the code starts with a 9 and it is organic. But if the code was 84016, it would be a gm apple.

So even though the big gm companies do not want their products labeled as a frankenfood, there is a loophole that health conscious people can use to determine if it is, or if it is not a gm product.

With that I will leave you with an interesting fact about gm foods:
Today, 7 out of every 10 items on grocery stores shelves contain ingredients that have been genetically modified. In other words, scientists are using new technology to transfer the genes of one species to another, and these altered foods are in the market stream. And yet many scientists have concerns about the safety to people, wildlife and the environment. That's why consumers in Asia and Europe are demanding that their food be free of genetically modified ingredients.

There is still hope in stopping Bill C-36

Even though the house and now the senate is rushing Bill C-36 threw, there is still hope in stopping it!

And it is thanks to all of you! In the Tuesday December 7th senate debate, two senators had the guts to stand up and ask some real questions. Citing that he had received thousands of emails from concerned Canadians who want Shawn Buckley to appear before the Senate committee.

Quote "The honourable senator talked about consultation. I have received thousands of emails asking that Mr. Shawn Buckley appear before the Senate committee. However, when I brought that motion forward at committee, it was voted down unanimously by the Conservative members of the committee. To say that there was consultation is an exaggeration."

Senator Cordy brought questions about Clause 14(1)(d)(i) that reads:

(d) a recall or measure that is initiated for human health or safety reasons by

(i) a foreign entity,

I found that some of the answers that he received were shocking and very telling. Here is some highlights of the conversation. The full version can be found HERE

Senator Cordy: My question is not related to other government organizations, with which I have do not have a problem. The difficulty I have was expressed at the committee: The recall can be initiated by a foreign entity.

The honourable senator has not given me a good definition of "foreign entity." When I asked her specifically if a foreign entity includes private businesses in another country, the honourable senator did not address that question in her answer. Perhaps she can tell the house whether a private business in another country is considered a foreign entity under the bill.

Senator Martin: A "foreign entity" is one that is not in Canada, which will include governments and regulatory counterparts.

This bill governs what happens in Canada when there is a recall. Any information is shared only with persons or governments that carry out functions related to the protection of human health, safety or the environment in relation to these consumer products.

Senator Cordy: My question is: Does it include private companies?

Senator Martin: I do not know about private companies. That is something I cannot answer at this time. In terms of the process and the act that is governed in Canada, it includes the regulatory counterparts and government departments in other jurisdictions.

Senator Baker also brought forth questions about health Canada's inspectors not having to get a regular warrant to search a persons home. His questions were answered with responses like this one from Senator Martin.
"In today's globalized marketplace, many businesses are in homes or dwelling houses. When such is the case, and it is established and known, an inspector may enter as the inspector would enter a business in a mall or other location."

The debate then adjourned after senator Day finished with:
In view of the fact that we presented several amendments last week and they were voted down, but that the minister has not yet had the six months to consider those amendments, if we delay passage of this bill for six months, I was wondering if perhaps the minister would have an opportunity to see that these particular amendments are appropriate.

Some Hon. Senators: Hear, hear.

Some Hon. Senators: Oh, oh.

Senator Martin: Judging from the response, I am sure that the honourable senator also agrees on the importance and urgency of this bill, the fact that it has been several years in the making, that the stakeholders are waiting, and that all honourable senators have already given their support in principle.

Senator Day: The difficulty with the response that I heard from the other side is that they are the same people who the last time voted against the amendments which the minister later saw the wisdom of accepting.

Senator Martin refusing to answer the question of private companies in foreign countries falling under the "foreign entity" title, and the answer about our globalized marketplace making it necessary for the uncommon conditions to get a warrant to search a private home are huge! When the real questions are asked the legality and truth starts to shine through!

The senators are being left with very little choice now. They are having to ask the real questions, because the Canadian public is making their voices heard! But don't stop now! Keep it up. The louder the voices become the more they have to listen.

Once again here is the list of the senators and their contact info. Please keep it up!! Let them know your concerns about this bill.

Thank you senator Cordy and senator Baker!
Oh and Senator Martin. The "stakeholders" can wait as long as it takes. The freedoms and rights of the Canadian public out weigh whatever role they have in this!

Caught in the Act: Ontario Ombudsman admits to the G20 police state

Ontario Ombudsman finds G20 regulation of "dubious legality"; Citizens unfairly trapped by secret expansion of police powers. TORONTO (December 7, 2010) The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services quietly promoted the use of a likely illegal regulation to grant police "extravagant" powers on the eve of the G20 summit, Ontario Ombudsman André Marin says in his latest report.

The Ontario Ombudsman basically admits that Toronto police as well as the province of Ontario and the RCMP totally violated the Canadian charter of rights, in bringing in the total police state that Toronto was subjected to. Sadest part about it is that the police state did not end when the G20 summit did. Here is one example of that.

Shawn Buckley Bill C-36 Video 'Open Letter' to Senators Dec 6/10

Shawn Buckley shares his thoughts on Bill C-36, December 6 2010.

Canada: A country founded by Freemasons

As a teenager I reveled in History. I could not read enough of it! But in every book I read, and every film I watched about Canada in its fledgling years, never once did I see any mention of Freemasons or Freemasonry.

But upon a second look you will see that our history is filled with Freemasons. Here is a list of all of Canada's prime ministers that were masons.

1. John A. Macdonald was named Canada's first prime minister in 1867. Macdonald was a Freemason, initiated in 1844 at St. John’s Lodge No. 5 in Kingston. In 1868, he was named by the United Grand Lodge of England as its Grand Representative near the Grand Lodge of Canada (in Ontario) and the rank of Past Grand Senior Warden conferred upon him. He continued to represent the Grand Lodge of England until his death in 1891. His commission, together with his apron and earmuffs, are in the Masonic Temple at Kingston, along with his regalia as Past Grand Senior Warden. Among the books in his library was a very rare copy of the first Masonic book published in Canada, A History of Freemasonry in Nova Scotia (1786).

2. John J. C. Abbott was Canada's third prime minister (Second was Alexander Mackenzie, who was not a mason).

3. Sir Mackenzie Bowell was Canada's fifth prime minister.

There are many more (including some surprising names such as John George Diefenbaker). But what is left out, is Canada's first premier.

Sir Allan Napier MacNab was Canada's first premier. Here is his Bio from thecanadianencyclopedia.com
Sir Allan Napier MacNab, soldier, lawyer, businessman, politician (b at Newark, UC 19 Feb 1798; d at Hamilton, Canada W 8 Aug 1862). A forceful though enigmatic personality, MacNab had a deep influence on many aspects of pre-Confederation Canada. As a youth he served with conspicuous gallantry in the WAR OF 1812. Moving in 1826 from York [Toronto] to Hamilton, he set up a thriving law practice, but he owed his fortune to speculation in real estate. He was an entrepreneur as well; with Glasgow merchant Peter Buchanan, he was chiefly responsible for the construction of the GREAT WESTERN RY.

In the first phase of his political career (1830-35), MacNab vigorously promoted economic development and moderate Tory policies. In the second (1836-49) he became an extreme Tory. Knighted for his zeal in suppressing the REBELLION OF 1837-38, he vainly stressed loyalty as an issue in public policy. In the third (1850-56) he declared that "all my politics are Railroad," but as leader of the Conservatives he was also concerned to move his party back from extremism. In 1854 he played an important role in the formation of the Liberal-Conservative alliance and became premier of the Canadas (1854-56). Dundurn, his stately 37-room mansion, still stands today in Hamilton.

What this bio does not mention is that Sir Allan Napier MacNab was the first Canadian born person to hold the office of Provincial Grand Master of Freemasonry in Upper Canada [1845-1857], and Grand Master of the Ancient Grand Lodge of Canada [1857].

Or that he had been arrested for carrying out masonic rituals in public.

Allan MacNab was arrested for what Sir John Colborne described as "The coat and dagger burning in effigy. Hmmm where have we heard of this before? Bohemian Grove maybe, where the offshoot of Freemasonry, the skull and bones, burn a human effigy yearly. Difference here is that MacNab had the guts to do it right out in the open.

All of these men are closely connected to a group of bankers and business men called the family compact. Which is still around to this day. Except know they are called the global banking elite (new world order architects).

This only covers a few of the premiers and prime ministers of Canada's early years. When you do the research it is stunning to see how many of the influential people of that time where masons. The list is very long and includes names like Joseph Brant and Lieutenant Governor Simcoe.

This article will be continued, after more data has been collected.

Yet another must watch video about fluoride

Here is another must see video from infowars.com, Dr Russell Blaylock lays out his thoughts on fluoride, vaccines, and eugenics.

Dr. Russell Blaylock M.D. is a retired neurosurgeon and author whose trailblazing research has tirelessly documented the fact that there is an epidemic of neurological disorders in the western world which are directly connected to toxins in our environment, and how this relates to the larger global eugenics program behind population reduction. In this fascinating interview, Blaylock reveals how depopulation programs forged by the Rockefeller foundation in association with the Nazis were the basis of modern day incarnations of eugenics like fluoride poisoning and vaccinations.

A must watch interview with Dr. Paul Connett

I have been honored to take part in a town hall meeting with this man. His knowledge on fluoride is uncontested by any other doctor to my knowledge. Dr. Paul Connett is interviewed by Alex Jones, and like usual he is dead on!

Putting the aurgument about fluoride to rest

After talking to, reading from, and watching reports from countless medical "professionals" promoting the practice of water fluoridation and condemning professionals and citizens who stand up against it . It is my time to say enough is enough!

We are consistently lied to about fluoride. Health Canada says that they do not mandate fluoridation, municipalities do. In turn the municipalities say that they go by the Health Canada recommendations. No one even wants to admit that they are responsible.

We get told by many scientists and health care "professionals" that water fluoridation is a cheap and effective measure to prevent tooth decay. Dr. Malcolm Lock the head medical officer of Brant county even went as far as telling me that it is for the poor people, that cannot afford toothpaste.

But here are graphs from two separate studies that so it is not effective at all.
The first is a comparison between fluoridated Vs non fluoridated countries, produced by the fluoride action network.

And the second graph is one I have used many times. It is from a study conducted by statistics Canada. It shows next to no difference between provinces that fluoridate and those who do not.

8 of the top 10 WORST CITIES FOR TEETH are fluoridated (America). The November 2010 issue of Men's Health magazine identified the following 10 cities for WORST TEETH:

1. St. Louis - Fluoridated since 1963
2. Philadelphia - Fluoridated since 1954
3. Newark (NJ) - Not fluoridated
4. Baltimore (MD) -Fluoridated
5. New Orleans (LA) - Fluoridated since 1974
6. Jackson, Mississippi - Fluoridated since 1969
7. Jersey City, New Jersey - Not fluoridated
8. Milwaukee (WI) - Fluoridated since 1953
9. Kansas City (MO) - Fluoridated since 1981
10. Dallas (TX) - Fluoridated since 1966

Health Canada promotes it as completely safe and says that the science showing anything different is "junk" science. Here is a few examples of that "junk" science

thanks to the meticulous research of Dr. Jennifer Luke from the University of Surrey in England - that the pineal gland is the primary target of fluoride accumulation within the body.

As acknowledged by the U.S. National Toxicology Program there is a "biological plausibility" of a link between fluoride exposure and osteosarcoma. The biological plausibility centers around three facts: 1) Bone is the principal site of fluoride accumulation, particularly during the growth spurts of childhood; 2) Fluoride is a mutagen when present at sufficient concentrations, and 3) Fluoride can artificially stimulate the proliferation of bone cells (osteoblasts).

When bone turnover occurs, the potential exists for immune system cells and stem cells to be exposed to concentrations of fluoride in the interstitial fluids of bone that are higher than would be found in serum.

This list could go on and on! To see more please go to fluoridealert.org

In most cases, we are told that fluoride is a natural occurring mineral. Calcium fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral, that is true.

But in 90% of the cases it is Hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium silicofluorides used in water fluoridation. The only difference between the two, is one is a liquid (Hexafluorosilicic acid) and one is the powder form (silicofluorides).

Both are toxic waste from the aluminum and phosphate fertilizer industries. Not the pharmaceutical grade fluoride that is in your toothpaste.

And beyond even the health effects, the effectiveness, or its origins. There is our right to informed consent. According to the
Canadian medical protection association

"For consent to treatment to be considered valid, it must be an “informed” consent. The patient must have been given an adequate explanation about the nature of the proposed investigation or treatment and its anticipated outcome as well as the significant risks involved and alternatives available. The information must be such as will allow the patient to reach an informed decision. In situations where the patient is not mentally capable, the discussion must take place with the substitute decision maker."

Well I don't know about any of you, but I have never had a doctor or dentist explain why I need to drink fluoridated water, and had him/her explain what the possible side effects are. We have never even been given a chance to hold a municipal vote on the issue. Not when the program was first started and not until we the people make it happen. Kitchener/Waterloo is a perfect example of that. After months of public debates from both sides of the argument, the public voted it out of the water.

But it is not regarded as a medical treatment. It is classified a adding a nutrient to the water. That is how they bypass the informed consent. Nothing more then a little word play.

Either sticking a needle in your arm to give you a dangerous vaccine, or adding a so called nutrient to your water, they both have a medical purpose. Which makes them both a medical treatment!

We also are told that the tooth decay that fluoridation prevents saves the health care system untold amounts of money. What they don't mention is the cost of hip fractures, hyperthyroidism, cancer, and so on. Caused by fluoride.

To put it very simply and logically, fluoride is very dangerous, not effective, and costs the tax payers high amounts of money (adding it to the water costs $100,000 a year in the city of Hamilton alone, never mind the cost to the health care system). And on top of that we are consistently lied to about it.

It is time to say enough of the BS and just get it out! If we need it that badly a doctor or dentist can prescribe it, just like any other medication.

Bill C-36 Is Almost Finalized!!!!

Bill C-36 is one of the biggest threats to Canadian sovereignty ever seen, and it could come into law as early as next week.

After quietly passing the house of commons, and two very quick readings in the senate. The senate could very possibly be giving the bill its third and final reading as early as December 8th 2010.

On the Canadian senate debate section for the second reading, on their website it states:

Canada Consumer Product Safety Bill

Thirteenth Report of Social Affairs, Science and Technology Committee Presented

Hon. Art Eggleton, Chair of the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, presented the following report:

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology has the honour to present its


Your committee, to which was referred Bill C-36, An Act respecting the safety of consumer products, has, in obedience to the order of reference of Thursday, November 18, 2010, examined the said bill and now reports the same without amendment.

Respectfully submitted,


The Hon. the Speaker: Honourable senators, when shall this bill be read the third time?

(On motion of Senator Eggleton, bill placed on the Orders of the Day for third reading at the next sitting of the Senate.)


Senators confirmed hundreds of emails, phone calls and faxes flooded their offices, and the Liberal senators who tabled the NHPPA's requests were consistently voted down by a Conservative majority.

The Stephen Harper government seems to be hell bent on totally dismantling Canada as we know it. Between the fiasco of the Toronto G20, his several comments on "enlightened sovereignty" and "There is no more Canadian economy, only a global one", and now this bill C51/C-6/C-36 that has been presented 3 times with different names since Harper government came into power (Only 3 examples of a very long list).

If we wish for our country to remain the Canada that is the True North Strong and Free. The Harper government and this bill need to be stopped!

We all need to contact as many senators as we can, to let them know what the Canadian people think about this bill. We can also ask them to allow Shawn Buckley to appear before them. Using our democratic power to ask a constitutional expert to be allowed to advise government on the constitutional and legal risks associated with Bill C-36.

Click here to find the senators Phone number, email, and fax info

Wondering why you should be so concerned over this bill? Please watch this.

Don't worry Canada No U.S.-style pat-downs here

According to the Sudbury Star a 15 year old girl was violated when she was forced to publicly have a full body pat-down at the Greater Sudbury Airport.

The key section of the article says:
"I asked them if they could take me instead and they said no. I asked if they at least could do it in private, BUT THEY DID NOT HAVE THE FACILITIES."

Full article HERE

What makes this section of the article so important is that a few hours later a CBC news article came out titled: No U.S.-style pat-downs here: Strahl
"Travellers coming through Canadian airports won't have to worry that they will face public pat-downs like those happening in the U.S., Transport Minister Chuck Strahl promised Wednesday.

Privacy screens and booths are being installed at airports throughout Canada, which will give people the option of being screened in private, Strahl told reporters in Ottawa."

Full article HERE

This is clearly a one, two punch by the main stream media, to get Canadians to accept the horrid TSA style pat downs. The first article paints the picture of a shy 15 year old girl that was humiliated by the airport security, and that having a private room to do that in would have greatly helped. Nothing about how the nazi style pat downs are direct breaches of our rights, or that they should not be happening in the first place.

In the second article They do not say that they will not conduct the invasive pat downs, or that these types of "random" searches are direct violations of our rights. Only that they will give an option to do it in private. Where there is no witnesses or camera's to prove or disprove what happens during the search.

Canadian officials have been watching the revolt against the TSA tyrannical pat downs, and have decided to try and look like the good guys. Don't worry everyone we are not like those evil TSA guys. We will take you into a private room where you are totally defenseless to conduct these illegal searches. And don't worry we are not incrementally heading into a police state. You can trust us!!!

CBC propaganda about Bill C-36

I know that 99% of main stream media is useless and nothing more then controlled propaganda. But when I read this CBC article it totally amazed me!

Senate debates consumer protection bill

The Senate on Wednesday began hearings on a consumer protection bill that could fundamentally change how dangerous products are recalled from the marketplace.

Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, seen touring a government product testing facility in Ottawa, examines products that were recalled due to product safety. Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, seen touring a government product testing facility in Ottawa, examines products that were recalled due to product safety. (Adrian Wyld/Associated Press)If passed, the new act would require manufacturers and distributors to prove products are safe. It would also allow the government to order the recall of dangerous products.

'It creates a safety net that doesn't currently exist.'—Robert Ianiro, Health Canada

"It basically says to suppliers … you cannot manufacture, import, advertise or sell a consumer product that poses an unreasonable danger to human health and safety," said Robert Ianiro, director of the consumer product safety bureau at Health Canada.

"That is very important because it creates a safety net that doesn't currently exist."

The current consumer safety net is the 40-year-old Hazardous Products Act, which gives the government only limited consumer protection powers.

For instance, under the current legislation, the government cannot order a product recall. It must instead convince the manufacturer to voluntarily recall unsafe products.

In an era of globalization, that approach does not serve consumers well, says Hari Bapuji, a University of Manitoba business professor.

"We need to approach product safety a little more proactively and more broadly," he said in an interview with CBC News.

So far this year, Health Canada has posted more than 300 voluntary recall notices, a third of them for children's products.

The government says new legislation will give it more muscle to order a product recall, impose fines on the makers and sellers of dangerous products and the authority to order independent testing.

While he supports the bill, Bupuji worries about Health Canada's ability to enforce new legislation.

"We are not going to get the full benefits of legislation unless we reform Health Canada and give more resources to them," he said.

The government hopes to have the bill passed within the next few weeks. By then, it has promised to double the number of consumer product safety inspectors.

CBC Story

This is blatant propaganda in it's fullest form! There is no mention of the apposition to the bill, never mind even the bills name.

No mention of what extra powers health Canada and it's inspectors will get. Which we will now tell you.

Health Canada inspectors will be able to snoop around on private property without warrant, and all that is needed to obtain a warrant is to prove that the premise has a consumer product (even abandoned buildings have consumer products). They can also search and seize the property of business owners without warrant. The seizures have no time limit or oversight by the courts.

This is a bill that will destroy the rule of law in Canada! But you will never see this on CBC news!

Just imagine seeing things like the story of Dr. Eldon Dahl (video below) being common place. Is this kind of Health Canada authority really necessary?

I encourage all of you to call CBC news and let them know that this kind of propaganda will not be tolerated!!!! Their toll free phone number is 1-866-306-4636

Is Canada becoming Codex Alimentarius compliant?

In recent years two bills (C-51 and C-6) that would have brought us one step closer to becoming Codex Alimentarius compliant failed to pass the the house and senate. Both bills were almost exactly the same thing, but with a few re writes. Thanks to people like constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley, the people of Canada were alerted about the risks of such bills and acted on them.

But now the federal government has not only re introduced the bill again, they have secretly passed it in the house of commons. Bill C-36 (once again the same bill as the previous two, with only a few re writes) will remove the rule of law in Canada!

How will it do this?

Bil C-36 will provide the framework in which Trade Agreements can become law without Parliamentary Review. This would give the government of Canada the legal OK, to continue on the road to global regulations and global governance.

From Section 37 of Bill C-36
(2)a regulation made under this Act may incorporate by reference documents produced by a person or body other than the minister including by:

(c) a government

from section 2 definitions:

“government” :

(e) a government of a foreign state or of a sub divisions of foreign states

(f) an international organization of states.

The full Bill can be read HERE

"The ability of foreign governments to dictate our Canadian regulations."

Bill C-36 abolishes the law of trespass thus allowing the State access onto private property without any legal recourse.

Bill C-36 for the first time in Canadian history allows warrants to be issued to search private homes without evidence of criminal wrong doing.

Bill C-36 allows the State to seize property without a Court order, without reporting the seizure to a Court, and for an indefinite period.

Bill C-36 allows the State to assume control over the movement of private property without a Court order and without a safety concern.

So how would this bill fit into Codex Alimentarius?

To make that connection we must first take a look at what Codex is. Codex Alimentarius is a program from the world health organization (WHO) to regulate global food standards.

Here is the about us section from the Codex website:
The Codex Alimentarius Commission was created in 1963 by FAO and WHO to develop food standards, guidelines and related texts such as codes of practice under the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Program. The main purposes of this Program are protecting health of the consumers and ensuring fair trade practices in the food trade, and promoting coordination of all food standards work undertaken by international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

In other words a department of the United Nations that plans to regulate the food trade.

This is what I believe to be the "foreign governments" that the bill is referring to. Our food products will be regulated by the United Nations. But that's OK right? They just want to protect us right? Or does this program fall into the United nations admitted and documented plans for a global population reduction by 90%?

Here is a good breakdown of Codex and what it is:

And becoming Codex complaint is only the beginning of the problems with this bill. Since food products are only one part of the list of consumer products. This will also help the process of harmonization into the North American Union. Under this bill Canadian regulations can then be controlled by the United Sates or any private corporation that is involved in the North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA). All without any safeguards for the Canadian people!

And it is very convenient that this bill secretly passed the house at the same time that the American version Bill S510 passed.

If you have not already contact your MP, the time to do so is now! We need to make sure that they know, we are not going to just stand by and allow our sovereignty and rule of law go quietly into the night!

Ponzi schemes cannot be prosecuted because courts do not have the resources?

After seeing the giant ponzi schemes that have rocked the wold economy, we are seeing countless cases come into the "lime light" in Canada now. But the "white collar" criminals are not being prosecuted!

In the recent case of Tzvi Erez, the Canadian government had enough evidence to charge the man with one count of fraud over $5,000, seven counts of forgery and one count of violating his probation on a prior fraud conviction.

Tzvi Erez used a series of expertly forged documents to defraud more than 70 investors (mostly from the Jewish community in Toronto) of $27 million dollars.

Tzvi approached the victims through intermediaries for cash advances on orders and allegedly promised to return the original investment plus interest fees of 30% once he delivered the printed orders to his clients.

The report, however, quotes a court-appointed official as saying there were no large orders, and that between Jan. 25, 2007 and Feb. 17, 2009, $38.9-million went through eight different bank accounts in Canada that belonged to Tzvi or one of his companies.

The case has now been dropped against Tzvi Erez because the the Crown Attorney's Office and the court system lacks resources.

They are saying that they do not have the resources to prosecute these "white collar" criminals, but the court system can spend $105 million to put serial killer Robert Pickton behind bars. The federal government can spend 16 billion on new fighter jets, 9 billion on new jails, 100 million on the war in Afghanistan, and 20 billion on the G20 summit in Toronto.

It does not make sense. Or does it?

Canada is now the sixth most corrupt country in the world. Source

So is it really surprising that they are not prosecuting any of the criminals that are helping them to gain more control over the people? The more ponzi schemes or whatever else they can cook up, the better. The more the people lose, the more the elite gain.

Not to mention that the fear of these schemes will bring more laws and regulations to prevent them from happening any more. Unfortunately this will only come after they have got what they can and move on to the next scheme. And the average Joe will feel more of the effects from these laws then any of the criminals.

This game has been going on for hundreds of years, and is now getting to a point where there is very little that the elites do not control.

We need to get out of this corrupt banking system before it is way to late (if it is not to late already). If we continue at this accelerated pace of economic tyranny all will be lost forever!

H1N1 Vaccine Combined with Seasonal Flu Shot

Don Haze of the Mississauga Truth Movement talks about vaccines. It has been recently confirmed that the H1N1 vaccine is in the seasonal flu shot this year. Many
vaccines contains mercury, aluminum, formaldahyde and squalene. Bill Gates beleives if we do a great job on vaccines we can lower the population by 10-15%

Hamilton's Clear Choice Of Lies

When I took a look at the quarterly water report from the Carlisle water treatment plant in Hamilton.

The sentence "A naturally occurring mineral found in most waters" beside the fluoride section jumped right out to me. I couldn't believe it! Could it be true that the city of Hamilton's water supply had the naturally occuring Calcium Fluoride instead of the usual Hydrofluosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride.

Water report HERE

As I quickly suspected this was not true. In another section of the city website, I found this. Hydrofluosilicic acid is precisely metered into the water so as to raise the natural fluoride concentration to approximately 0.5 – 0.8 parts per million (ppm).

So what exactly is Hydrofluosilicic acid?

Hydrofluosilicic acid is the substance derived from the pollution scrubbing devices of the superphosphate fertilizer industry, 70 to 75% of which comes from the Cargill fertilizer corporation.
Fluosilicic acid, which is a classified hazardous waste, is the substance used in 90% of the water fluoridation programs.

It is a toxic waste that is illegal to dump into our lakes and rivers, but purposely added to our drinking water.

What are the known side effects?

* Increases lead absorption
* Disrupts synthesis of collagen
* Hyperactivity and/or lethargy
* Muscle disorders
* Brain damage, and lowered IQ
* Arthritis
* Dementia
* Bone fractures
* Lowers thyroid function
* Bone cancer (osteosarcoma)
* Inactivates 62 enzymes
* Inhibits formation of antibodies
* Genetic damage and cell death
* Increases tumor and cancer rate
* Disrupts immune system
* Damages sperm and increases infertility

How effective is it in fighting tooth decay?

According to statistics Canada, it is not effective at all!
Here is a graph posted in the Globe and Mail April 2010. That shows very little difference in the tooth decay rates of Ontario (over 70% of water fluoridated) and Quebec (6% of water fluoridated)

So lets get this straight. The fluoride that is being added to our water has a very long list of side effects, with very little benefit to dental health, and on top of that the city of Hamilton is lying to us about the origins of the fluoride.

But it does not end there. I have now seen countless signs and billboards promoting that Hamilton's water is the clear choice.

The city council, mayor, and city employee's are knowingly lying to the people in Hamilton. As well as promoting their toxic cocktail as being safe and the "clear choice".

This is criminal negligence and they should all be fired immediately!

Flouride is considered a drug


Regarding Dr. Lynn Tomkins (President of the Ontario Dental Association), being appalled at my audacity to question the safety of fluoridation:

Dr. Tomkins quotes the Centre for Disease Control (U.S.) stating water fluoridation is one of the greatest medical accomplishments of the 20th century. This absurd statement was made back in the 1980s.

Since that statement, doctors in California and the U.S. Public Health Service, after 33 years of study, have gathered strong evidence that fluoride causes at least three types of cancer (liver, bone and thyroid).

The head of the department of preventative dentistry (University of Toronto) declared accumulated affects of fluoridation will be catastrophic. The Paediatric Society of Canada has also stated that giving fluoridated water to infants will irreversibly damage their teeth before they erupt.

Both the National Research Councils of Canada and the United States stated that fluoride is an endocrine disruptor (gender bender). Who are we going to believe?

The dental association maintains that this practice is perfectly safe; "Trust me I am your dentist." These people have stuffed patient's mouths with mercury for over one hundred years also saying (some still do) it is not harmful.

Thousands of lives have been ruined over the course of many years from mercury poisoning. Chewing food with mercury fillings releases 700 times the acceptable level of mercury as stated by the EPA (U.S.).

Now they are telling us this pollutant they admit is scrubbed from the chimneys of large phosphate fertilizer plants (not natural fluoride) hydrofluoric acid containing lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium and radium is safe for our babies, children and seniors to drink, and they have dumped this into our water supply since 1973. It should be known the residents in Alliston rejected this practice.

The World Health Organization has declared fluoride a drug, so to you Dr. Tomkins, do you feel you have the right to medicate all the people of Tottenham against the wishes of many?

Is your organization lobbying the provincial government to fluoridate all the communities in Ontario including Alliston, Beeton and Green Briar? They are, by the way.

Over 30 per cent of children in the U.S. and Canada have irreversible damage caused by this already. According to the ODA, this can only be caused by ingesting fluoride through a water source.

To quote Dr. Arvid Carlsson Nobel, "fluoridation is against all modern principles of pharmacology. It is obsolete. I don't think anybody, not even a single dentist, would bring up this question in Sweden anymore."

Need I say more?