Better Go And Get Your Vaccine!!

On the front page of the Hamilton Spectator January 18 2011. There is a picture of a needle and a bottle of medication, with the ever scary caption " Flu has hit really hard, really early".

I always give the link to any related articles that I am speaking about. But unfortunately this story is not posted on the Hamilton Spectator website.

The front page article says:
"Medical officials warn this years flu has the province in a nasty grip at a time when the number of Ontarians who received the seasonal vaccine is at an all time low.
"It's happening really hard, really early" said ministry of health spokesperson David Jensen, noting there are more than 1,800 lab confirmed cases across Ontario, about eight times higher than the average for this stage in the season. "That's why we're trying to get the word out for people to get their shots."

It goes on to say that there is four hundred confirmed cases and three deaths linked to influenza so far in Hamilton. But there are hundreds more that likely have not been lab tested. Are you scared yet? Ready to take your family to the flu clinic yet?

This article is nothing more than a pure scare tactic! Big Pharma is not happy that most Canadians have become aware of the high risks behind the flu shot and they are not making as much money. There is not one word about boosting your immune system with the food you eat, Vitamin D or C, or any other method of flu prevention, other than the shots!

Or how the influenza and most other vaccines are ineffective and dangerous. To left is a chart showing a sharp decrease in mortality rates from influenza in America, long before the vaccination programs were rolled out.

There is a great article
explaining these facts here:

The best way to protect yourself against influenza, is by living a proper lifestyle! Eating raw organic foods, making sure you get a good intake of vitamins (vitamin D and C especially), and being active. Not blindly listening to propaganda and injecting synthetics into your body.

Vaccines have been a big money maker for big pharma companies, for a very long time now, and they refuse to accept the fact that people in large numbers have caught on to their scam. In the coming months expect the propaganda machine to be in high gear, when it comes to vaccinations!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The K-W Record in Kitchener has also pushing vaccines heavily lately, desperately twisting the facts to their own ends. Things sure changed there when Torstar took them over. I wish I could be there to watch them flush the millions of doses of unwanted poison down the drain.

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