The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority humiliates An 82 Year Old Woman

Elizabeth Strecker of Abbotsford British Columbia did what many Canadians do around the Holiday season, she did some traveling to spend time with her family.

On January 4th 2011 she was at the Calgary airport for her return flight back to Abbotsford. The airport security asked her to go threw the full body scanner and she complied. But there was a problem.

Elizabeth Strecker is a cancer survivor and wears a prosthetic breast. Which showed up on the scan. A security guard then asked her to raise her arms (something that she cannot comfortably do with her left arm since the surgery). According to Strecker: "The arm is full of fluid. I don't know why but it doesn't drain and is very painful." But security did not want to listen to that and insisted that she raise her arms.

She then used her right arm to lift the left one. But it was so painful that I cried, she said. With many people around it was quite an humiliating experience.

Are we all so full of fear that this kind of practice has become acceptable? Not only to put and 82 year old cancer survivor threw an unsafe full body scanner, but to humiliate her and put her threw pain!

What has happened to common sense? Why would any airport security she this woman as a threat? Why are we just blindly following the patterns of the TSA in America? The TSA scans and does it's enhanced pat downs on everyone. Seniors, children, and everyday people.

Is this all really worth it? Is it keeping us Canadians safer or is it just humiliating and demoralizing everyday Canadians?

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