Video From The January 8 2011 Mass g20 Demonstration

We Canadians will never forget the weekend of June 26th and 27th 2010. It is "A weekend that will be remembered as a weekend of infamy" For Canada. We all need to stand in solidarity and fight against the tyranny's that this government seems to be content with, pushing on to the people of this great land.

We stand with our brothers and sisters in Toronto!

Video info:
The police and governments of Toronto, Ontario and Canada, have now proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they THINK they can literally round up hundreds of citizens, gathered together to exercise their Charter rights to protest, for no legal or discernible reason-AND THAT WE THE PEOPLE OF TORONTO, ONTARIANS AND CANADIANS WILL SIMPLY STAND IDLY BY. The suspension of civil liberties-the snatching and grabbing of citizens off the streets, and throwing them in a cage, in many instances without access to legal counsel and in a few cases after being threatened or physically harmed by the police services. The arrested citizen then has to bear the cost of trying to defend themselves. If the police acted illegally where is the accountability? The citizens of this city again have to bear the cost of trying to prove that, and the public pays the damages-not one single person in government or the police agencies has been held accountable. So in fact, the police are totally and utterly unaccountable. The bureaucrats who made the decision to round up peaceful protesters, or just people walking down the street, are unaccountable. The politicians are also unaccountable, as apparently they have veto power over investigating themselves and apparently don't even have the guts to conduct any kind of investigation, instead some semblance of an investigation has to be conducted by the Ombudsman. Who the hell is accountable? So WE THE PEOPLE if the police can illegally detain Canadians without any kind of accountability or oversight, how is this in any functional way for the citizen, any different from a police state? Arbitrary arrests and detentions on the basis of secret laws that nobody knew about, with no accountability. That is the very definition of a POLICE STATE. WE THE PEOPLE are still absolutely appalled by what we saw on that weekend and shaken to the core by the hundreds of examples of police brutality that we witnessed and experienced and utterly disgusted by the silence and sheep like acquiescence from the people who are supposed to be representing all of us in Toronto and Ottawa.

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