Hamilton Ontario's Bill C-36 Rally

On Saturday January the 8th 2011, the Canadian Awareness Network, Grasshopper Media, and We Are Change Brantford converged on Gore Park in downtown Hamilton.

Armed with fliers, DVD's, a megaphone, and the charterofhealthfreedom.org petition (available for download HERE)

We started out with the megaphone with speeches by Terry Wilson and Frank Gotz, and quickly got a great response. People began to come over and get information. We gave out countless DVD's, fliers, and spoke with many concerned Canadians who had never heard of the consumer product safety act, or Bill C-36.

Coupled with a rally by We Are Change Calgary, and a great clip on CHCH news by eart4all.net on Friday, we are getting the word out there!

CHCH news cip.

And this is just the beginning! With the NHPPA getting ready to start a campaign against this illegal law, we have no intentions of giving up. We are going to fight this thing right until the end! Once the Canadian people become aware of what this so called law is, the quicker we can have it repealed. It is a daunting task, but the future of our nation depends on it!

Video clips from the Hamilton Rally:
Part 1

Part 2

Keep watching for more street actions, and if you want to get involved please contact us at canadianawareness@live.ca

We the people of this great nation, are the only ones who can fix it! It is time to stop watching from the sidelines and take action.

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