Stephen Harper: Corporate tax cuts needed

While in Welland on Friday Mr. Harper was still pushing forward with the corporate tax cuts for all his buddies in the private sector.


"We are gaining more revenue from the business sector by having low rates than we were by having high rates," Harper said. "This is in the interest of everybody and it's the direction we'll continue to go."

He also added that the latest job numbers that show full-time employment rose in Canada by 38,000 in December were "encouraging." But he again warned the global recovery is still fragile and "significant challenges" remain.


Am I the only one to see that full time employment numbers rose in December because it was the holiday season? Most companies hire on almost double the staff, just to let them go, come January and February. It is called seasonal help.

Or how about the fact that in December of almost every year previous to the the corporate tax cuts and the "economic downturn", The full time job statistics were around double the 38,000.

Rewarding the corporations with tax cuts is not effective, nor is it working! The only thing that it is doing is making it harder for the little guys to compete. Clearing the market place for the mega corporations.

Take a look at this governments economic policies. Slam the average people with more taxes (H.S.T. , eco tax, and so on) and rewarding the big corporations with tax breaks. Sounds just great for the average Canadian does it not?

That CBC news article does not even touch on the fact that Mr. Harper dodged everyone who came out to see him. Some of the workers who have been locked out by U.S. steel in Hamilton, were there to speak to him. Some concerned Canadians wanted to let him know what they thought about the consumer product safety act, and he even dodged the children who were there to see him.

Here is the video titled: Stephen Harper makes children cry in Welland

So Mr. Harper wants to reward the big corporations, and not even let the Canadian people who are being effected by all these polices (not just the tax cuts) see him, never mind get a chance to speak to him.

Oh and Mr. Harper the Canadian people do not care about your "global recovery" We care about fixing Canada, and making it a country for and by the people. Not for and by the corporations!

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